Creating content for over 6 years now, I am Neha, a fun loving, enthusiastic, hard working girl with a go getter attitude. Also, I am a keen observer and a learner too. A graduate in Economics Hons from Delhi University and a postgraduate in Finance by profession and a Blogger, a social media influencer as well as Digital creator by Passion is what I am.

I have been living in Bengaluru with my adorable husband and my lovely daughter.

I love travelling a lot as well as taking photos. In fact, my husband and I are bitten by wanderlust. Apart from Travelling, I am also fascinated by Photography and for me, it’s a feeling. I literally love to seize each and every moment in my photos.

I have created this blog to document the things I love, it is going to cover anything and everything which excites me, be it travelling, beauty, style, fashion, or photography. It’s going to be more about my personal style, fashion, the things I love or the places we travel to!

Creating content since 2015

I have been an avid content creator and creating content since the past 6 years over Instagram and have collaborated with more than 250 brands till now.

Blogging since 2015

Earlier, I had a blog with name ‘The Instyle Journal’ and I loved how much love and popularity you gave to that blog of mine. And I hope you will give support and love to my new blog too !


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