You are all set to hit Goa. Wow, that’s awesome. I love beach vacations too. But are you guys worried about what to pack for goa. Well, Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations in India and this delightful place is filled with tourists from all across the globe and locals alike. If you among those who have planned to hit Goa during this Winter season then there are certain essentials that you must carry while travelling to Goa to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. Here is a complete guide of Goa Packing Checklist which will keep you covered.


1. Beachwear

Goa means lots and lots of beach time and water activities. Also, Goa is a tropical place which means its hot and humid round the year even in December. So, you want to pack something which is comfortable and breezy. So don’t forget to keep lots of beachwear and swimwear in your bag. Pack as many as breathable fabrics like cotton clothes which will help you beat the heat in Goa. Women can pack rompers, tank tops, shorts, spaghettis, swimsuits, sarongs, beach cover-ups while men can pack shorts, tees, loose fitting cotton trousers, payjamas etc.

2. Footwear

Go for a footwear which are apt for coastal places like Goa. Make sure to carry the right set of footwear like flip flops, crocs, floaters, open sandals as all these will keep you comfortable while walking on the beach or down the Goan streets. Also, apart from these do make sure to carry a pair of formal shoes like heels, closed shoes incase you plan to visit the nightclubs of Goa.

3. Accessories

Don’t forget to pack scarf and hats which will not only protect you from sunlight but would also make you look stylish. Pack lots of printed scarves, hats and funky jewelleries and you are good to go. In case, you forgot packing them, then you can get a lot of options at every nook and corner in Goa.

4. Electronic Equipments

Keep a camera handy in your bag to catch all the beautiful moments that you are going to enjoy in Goa. I always carry my DSLR as well as iPhone and Samsung to take maximum high quality photos. You can also keep a drone camera to take all the drone shots. Then, you have option of carrying Go Pro for all the =underwater & adventure footages. Also, don’t forget to pack headphones or AirPods.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have in Goa. And also it is very important to carry a good pair of sunglasses to Goa. So, make sure to go for polarized sunglasses which will restrain sun reflection and keep your eyes stress-free. The intensity of sunlight reflected by the sand is too high and these sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from harsh rays of Sun. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight in Goa, where the sun’s rays can be more intense than usual.

6. Sunscreen Lotion

Guys, let me tell you one thing if you are going to Goa for the first time. Sunscreen is very important in Goa. While in Goa, you are definitely going to spend your entire days either by the beach or hopping to different tourist attractions. And, the Sun in Goa is pretty much harsh, even in December. Hence, Sunburn is quite common problem in Goa as the sun rays are extremely strong there. The best way to prevent sunburn is by using sunscreen. Make sure you apply sunscreen lotion on your face and exposed areas of body at least 15 minutes before stepping out. If you have sensitive skin, you can use a lower SPF which will not irritate your skin. Make sure to use a good waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen lotion of an SPF 50 or higher for your trip to Goa. Also, make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours to keep your skin protected.

7. Dress

Don’t forget to carry a couple of dresses for places which there is a dress code like nightclubs or casinos.

8. A Tote Bag

Yes, a big Tote bag is important to carry your as well as your family members belongings safe at one place . You can keep your essential stuff like lip balms, moisturisers, lip gloss, hair brush, water bottle, wallet all at one place without any hassle.

9. ID Proofs 

Don’t forget to take your Id’s proofs like PAN Card, driving license in case if you plan to rent vehicles in Goa.

10. Zip Lock Bags 

You might want to consider carrying a zip lock bag to keep your phone, cash and cards in case you want to go indulge in water activities and  there is no one to take care of your stuff.

There is one thing I must tell all those people who are going to goa for the first time. You can easily get all these stuffs like clothes, footwear and accessories in Goa. Every nook and corner of Goa’s streets flashes colourful clothes, hats, accessories. So, there is literally no need to overpack and come to Goa with stuffed suitcases. 

I think these are all essential stuffs we need to pack in order to have a no fuss holiday in Goa. Did I miss out on something or something you feel should be there on the list ? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section below.

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