Sugar Cosmetics have recently launched yet another amazing product and this time it’s The Goddess of Flawless BB Creams. Well, when it comes to me, let me tell you that I have been pretty obsessed with BB creams and rarely use foundation. And this Sugar Cosmetics BB Cream which got launched yesterday is a daily lotion, SPF, anti-aging serum, foundation and concealer all combined into one. So, obviously this got me super excited.

    Sugar Cosmetics BB Cream Range in 4 vibrant shades which are :

    01 Latte (Light) – for porcelain to fair complexion
    02 Macchiato (Medium) – for light to light-medium complexion
    03 Chococcino (Medium Tan) – for medium complexion
    04 Americano (Tan) – for deep complexion

    Price: Rs.799/- for 25 ml

    Buy Here: Sugar Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream

    What the brand Says About its BB Cream ?

    For all the times you’ve struggled to perfect the “no-makeup” makeup look, there is now an answer! Introducing the SUGAR Goddess of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream whose ultra-lightweight formula sinks into the skin with the ease of a moisturizer while shielding it against the sun with its in-built SPF30+ protection. With a luxurious matte finish that guarantees an entire day with a sweat-free face, you now have front-row access to beautiful glowing skin! So go ahead bin your primer, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen because, this little beauty does it all and delivers a flawless finish in one simple step.

    Usage of Sugar Cosmetics BB Cream :

    Just take a pea sized amount in your palms and using your fingertips just dab it onto any problem areas, particularly underneath your eyes. Then slowly start blending in a circular motion using your fingers or beauty blender. Once you’ve finished covering up your trouble spots, grab a foundation brush to apply the rest of your product. Evenly distribute the BB cream across your face, making sure to blend well.


    Blendable, lightweight and mattifying, the Sugar Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream provides sheer, long-lasting coverage. This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.

    Review of SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream+ BB CREAM – 01 Latte (Light)


    This Sugar Cosmetics BB Cream comes packaged in stylish black matte tube which comes in a cardboard box with abstract design. Outer box as well as inner tube contains all the details regarding the product, shade name, price, quantity mfg date etc. Overall, I really love the packaging, it has a luxury feel to it and is quite attractive. With a tight leak proof cap, its very much a travel friendly product too. Also, I love that this cream is parabens free and mineral free.


    This BB Cream has a firm matte texture which does not run when squeezed out from the tube something which I really like. The texture is just perfect, easily blendable and I didn’t face any cakeyness or greasiness after hours of application.


    This BB Cream has a ultra-lightweight formula which sinks into the skin instantly. It gives a luxurious matte finish to the skin which stays on for long hours. Packed with SPF30, this fragrance-free ultra light Latte formula is perfect for fair complexioned skin.

    Staying power:

    I really love the staying power of this cream. There is honestly a feeling of immense satisfaction when it comes to the staying power. This BB Cream stayed on my face for whole day long and I didn’t feel any cakeyness. It is a wonderful fragrance free product which is water and sweat proof.

    Do I recommend this BB Cream by Sugar Cosmetics?

    Yes, who would not recommend a great BB Cream like this one! It has powerful promises of combining foundation, powder, primer, into a single, slender tube. So, overall it’s a great makeup product for daily use. It has a firm texture which blends into the skin nicely giving it a natural coverage. A blendable formula which gives a supremely soft finish and healthy skin glow and no unwanted shine. You can apply it with a damp beauty blender or even with your fingertips.It takes care of blemishes and light marks but don’t expect it to hide marks. It has become my favorite BB Cream as of now. Overall, this BB Cream is light, natural and cover imperfections and hence it is indeed my go to product.

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