Watches have always been a status symbol ever since they were invented. Luxury timepieces that focus on quality, design, and complexity are always in demand. I am myself a big watch lover and have a fetish for luxury watches. So my happiness knew no bounds when I finally got my hands on this extremely pretty Daniel Wellington watch.

Daniel Wellington is a contemporary Swedish Watch company specializing in making exceptional watches to fit any occasion and mood. I got a Classic Petite 32 mm Daniel Wellington watch which is a first timepiece ever with a mesh strap. This classic petite watch features a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing black dial and a rose gold mesh strap. Despite made from stainless steel, this rose gold strap is very light weight and soft. The best part is you can adjust the length of the strap on your own. With this watch, I also got a matchingrose gold cuff with Daniel Wellington inscribed over it.

This wonderful watch is suitable for every occasion. With its interchangeable straps you have the chance to have a different watch for every day of the week. This watch feels very luxurious and goes out beautifully with almost everything in my wardrobe. It is water resistant too. Trust me, I have always wanted a classy watch like this. Now since I have got it so I am never going to take it off my wrist! Trust me, Daniel Wellington watch is an absolute must-have staple for every modern woman.

Daniel Wellington has indeed become my favorite watch brand of all time. Want a right watch to make a good impression, then check out the luxurious watches from Daniel Wellington.

If you love the look of Daniel Wellington watches and want to treat yourself or your loved ones to one of those gorgeous pieces, then there is an offer exclusively for you!

Watch: Classic Petite Daniel Wellington Watch

Cuff: Classic Small Cuff


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