Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s that time of the year when we get into the thinking
    mode of what to buy for our loved ones. One of best things about Christmas is shopping for
    our loved ones and a bottle of perfume indeed makes for a great gift. And this gift gets even
    more endearing when you combine it with a jewellery. A perfume jewellery is indeed
    the world’s most perfect and romantic gift for any woman as it incorporates two of the
    woman’s most favorite things together which are perfume and jewelry into one stunning
    jewelry piece.

    When it comes to me, nothing speaks to my mood more than a fragrance but when that fragrance
    comes with a stunning jewel piece, then it makes the whole setting even more romantic and
    breathtaking. Well, why I am saying this because I got a beautiful Christmas Gift from Heaven
    Scent perfumes and trust me girls, I actually fell in love with it the moment I saw it !

    HS Perfumes gifted me a beautiful 18K Gold Plated Beauty Bullet Pendant and
    this lovely pendant allows me to carry my favorite fragrance secretly whenever I am on the
    move. The pendant is crafted in gleaming 18k gold with crystals for maximum sparkle. It is
    literally loaded with sparkling rhinestones crystals. This pendant comes with a vial which
    holds 1 ml of the pure perfume oil of my choice.

    The pendant hangs from a matching 18k gold pleated Belcher chain which is made of
    stainless steel finished in 18k gold. There is nothing more elegant than a big, bold gold
    pleated chain with a gorgeous pendant and now this timeless piece has got added to my
    collection. And to make it perfect, this gold pleated chain is long so that I can wrap it twice
    or wear it long totally depending on my mood.

    Heaven Scent offers a range of heavenly perfume oils which are pure and uncut, more
    concentrated and lasts longer. So, apart from this pendant, HS Perfumes also gifted me a
    pack of five Eau De Parfum perfume oils including spring kiss, Spicy Cacao, Pure Aqua,
    Carnal Flower and Winter Spice. These small perfume oils bottles included in the set are
    very cute and are handy for holidays, nights and day outs. The bottle and packaging are
    simple yet elegant and reflect the purity of this brand. Also, when you browse the website,
    you will find endless list of scent options available.

    Spring Kiss: The spring kiss has a lovely and sophisticated fragrance and the main notes
    in this are citrus, sweet, patchouli, white floral and rose. It has an moderate strength and I
    use it for my everyday wear.

    Spicy Cacao: This one stole my heart and if luxury had a smell, this would be it. It’s pure
    decadence in a bottle. A scent which should be worn with confidence. This one has an

    intense strength with main accords of warm spicy, balsamic, cacao, patchouli and is
    recommended for evenings and special occasions.
    Pure Aqua: This perfume oil is inspired by the sea and captures the freshness of the ocean
    in a bottle. This one has light to moderate strength with main accords of citrus, aromatic,
    green, white floral, fresh spicy and is best for my everyday wear.
    Carnal Flower: I found its fragrance quite fresh and floral featuring the sparkling notes of
    tuberose and white flower and the main accords in this one are white floral, tuberose,
    woody, warm spicy. It has an intense strength with beautiful floral notes followed by woody
    and warm spicy notes. I find floral scents unarguably the most feminine and easy to wear
    ones. I can wear this fragrance day and night.
    Winter Spice: This is apt for festive seasons with notes of cinnamon and clove making this
    scent evocative yet comforting. The fragrance is quite intense with main accords of warm
    spicy, balsamic, white floral, woody, floral and is ideal for the evenings and special occasions
    and is made specially for those who are unafraid of making a statement. This fragrance has
    everything you could possibly want from a Winter fragrance.
    About Heaven Scent: Heaven Scent offers a unique range of heavenly perfume oils as
    well as beautiful perfume jewellery and accessories for today’s fashion forward and price
    conscious customers. You can now carry your favorite scent stylishly and conveniently
    wherever you go in perfume pendants, perfume key chains and handbag scent charms.
    Apart from this, Heaven Scent also offers heavenly perfume oil in beautifully handcrafted
    crystal bottles. And a combination of jewellery and perfume oil makes for a beautiful gift set.
    Heaven Scent is based in Abu Dhabi UAE. All the perfume oils are skin safe and
    are classified as Grade A.
    This perfume jewellery is one timeless yet trendy piece which I am going to treasure for
    years to come. Also, let me tell you that this beautiful piece will encircle my neck this
    Christmas for sure.
    So, if you too are looking for a timeless and elegant gift for your loved ones this Christmas,
    then go to www.hsperfumes.com and order your favorite perfume jewellery, perfume
    pendants, perfume key chains, handbag scent charms, perfume oils, droplers. I am sure HS
    perfume jewellery will be the most memorable and coveted gift for your loved ones
    this Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas to you !

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