Backpack is a must have accessory and an everyday staple for both men and women of today. Backpacks are versatile, utilitarian and chic, since we can use them for travel or everyday purposes and they add so much convenience to any activity. For me, its a very important accessory as I travel a lot and I always look for backpacks which are cute, stylish but at the same time, practical.

My recent addition to my closet is this lovely Boho bag from Matsaya. This multi purpose travel backpack is perfect for the chic and stylish women of today. I currently own this bag and absolutely love the size, convenience of the multi-strap, and the number of pockets! It is so useful, versatile and convenient that I actually take it along me on all my travels.

Backpacks can never go out of style after all it gives so much comfort to the wearer. My backpack gives me the freedom to travel as I carry all my necessities while keeping my hands free. I just love the convenience of being able to store all stuff in one bag and being able to carry it all on my back. This backpack is spacious enough to carry all my essential stuff at one place. I keep my phone, charger, hotspot, laptop, my favourite novel, snacks and what not. But you must be thinking how to buy that perfect handbag for you? Don’t worry as this blog has got you covered!



Below are some of the tips For Buying The Best Backpack


Always look for a spacious as well as a lightweight bag with zippers. Light-weight backpacks bags are the perfect daily commute accessory! A lighter backpack with lots of compartments helps you to store your stuff in an organised way and easily access your utilities. Ensure it has a front as well as side pockets to keep lighter stuff like phone and side pockets should have pockets for keeping water bottle.


Another factor to look out for is comfort. Look out for adjustable shoulder straps. Check if the bag has comfortable back panel and padded straps. Because you will definitely not going to use the bag if it hurts the shoulder and not comfortable. Padded straps will help carry your load more comfortably and there will be less pressure on your shoulders and it will also help take pressure off your lower back.


Look for backpacks which are sturdy and made from high-quality durable materials.

Water resistant property

Though it’s not possible to get a 100% waterproof backpack, but at least try to find a bag with semi protection material. If you a traveler or go for adventure trips, then look for bags with water-resistant materials to protect your bag’s contents in case of rain.

I absolutely love this functional, sleek & utility-oriented accessory from Matsaya. It’s a beautiful bag with almost all the essential features which should be there in an ideal backpack. What’s more? It has a boho touch to it too which I absolutely love.

What you guys look for when buying a backpack?

How did you find this pink backpack from Matsaya. Don’t forget to comment below. I would love to hear from you guys!

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