Packing is surely a daunting task and this I realize every time whenever we go on a vacation. Earlier, I never used to travel light and had to put in so much efforts to pack a suitcase. But over time, I have learned the trick to pack our stuff smartly. Rather I have become quite a pro at packing smartly. haha. In my today’s post, I am going to tell you some tips regarding how to pack your luggage like a pro which means packing light, yet carrying all the things you will need on the trip. I guarantee you that the below mentioned tips are surely going to help you a lot.


But before you start packing:

  • Check the weather situation at your vacation destination as this way you will get a vague idea about what clothes to pack. I always spend ten to fifteen minutes on internet before I start packing and google about the weather conditions during day, and night of the destination place and then start packing accordingly.


  • Now take a pen and paper and make a checklist of all the things you will need and as you pack each item, cross it off your list. This way you won’t forgot to pack something vital and at the same time, you won’t pack something which is not required on the trip.


Now let’s start packing in the best possible manner to save space inside the suitcase:

  1. Do you roll or fold :Next time onwards, instead of folding, try rolling your clothes before keeping them in the suitcase. This will not only helps in saving lots of space in the suitcase but also gives your suitcase a neat look. Another benefit is that you will find the clothes much more easily during your vacation.

Now you must be thinking about how to roll the clothes properly? Well, first fold each piece in half and then roll tightly. If you want, you can also put a light tissue paper inside the cloth and then roll them to keep your cloth crease free and wrinkle free. You can also use plastic bags to fold and put your clothes in. The plastic bag will keep your clothes crease free.

Always place heavier clothes like jeans, jackets and other heavy items like shoes, hair dryers, hair straighteners at the bottom of your suitcase by the wheels. Keeping them at the bottom of the suitcase will make the suitcase much easier to roll and protect the suitcase from tipping over. While place lightweight and delicate fabrics that are prone to wrinkling, such as linen, thin cotton, satin, and silk at the top layer of your luggage.

  1. Pack a spare big plastic bag for dirty laundry:Make sure to carry an empty plastic bag to store all your dirty clothes during your trip.
  2. Pack your underwear in a separate plastic bag:First fold all your underwear and then roll it and pack them in a separate plastic Zip lock bag.
  3.  Protect your Bras:Maintain the shape of your bras by first stacking your bras on top of each other and then fold them in half and then tuck your few underwear inside it. When you stuff your underwear inside the bras, then the cups will be prevented  from folding inwards and your bras will remain safe.  After that, put it inside a ziplock bag or cloth bag.
  4. Use the space inside the shoes:Use the space inside the shoes by placing your socks, belts, trinkets, chargers, perfumes, jewelry, gloves, hankey inside them. This will save you oodles of space and also keep your shoes in shape as well as other delicate items safe. If you don’t want to keep these stuff inside the shoes, then you have another option which is to keep all these stuffs in the sides once the packing is done.
  5. Shoes/Boots:Girls, you should pack one pair of slip-ons which you can wear to some evening out, one pair of sports shoes if you are going to hilly areas, you can also wear sports shoes while traveling too. The rule is that if you want to carry five footwear, then wear the heaviest one and pack the rest. Pack your slip-ons, sandals, stilettos and wear sneakers or shoes or boots. Also, take a shower cap and put your shoes in it to keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from the clothes in the suitcase.
  6. Protect your perfumes:Since, perfumes come in glass bottles so you need to carry them safely in your luggage. Just tuck your perfume bottles inside your socks or fold them inside your jeans. This way they will remain safe. Also, keep in mind to pack fragile items in the center of your suitcase.
  7. Prevent spills from liquid products:To prevent liquids from spilling out of the bottle inside your suitcase, just take a small piece of plastic and unscrew the lid, place it on the mouth and screw back the lid.
  8. Toiletries:I always keep my travel size toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, small bottle of hand wash and sanitizer, earbuds, body lotion, sunscreen, travel size shampoo, conditioner, and serum in one clear Ziploc bag. If it’s ok with you, then you can further reduce your luggage weight by buying toiletries on arrival. That means not carrying any toiletries with you and buy them from any local shop there when you reach the destination . Though, as far as I am concerned, I prefer to carry it in my luggage.

10.Mobile and Laptop Chargers: Use elastic bands, wire twists or even hair bands to keep your mobile and laptop chargers neat and tightly bundled. After that, keep them in a transparent net bag.

11.Other medical essentials: Carry a small first aid kit which has band aid strips, cotton, stomach soother medicine, pain killers for emergency situations.

  1. Carry on Handbag:Keep yourimportant documents, passport, PAN Card, credit and debit cards, boarding passes/tickets, itinerary in a ziplock bag or clutch and then keep it in your handbag. Also, keep your sunglasses, eye sleep mask, bandaid, keys of the house, mobile/tablet and charger, headphones, Camera, eye mask, pen, small santizer bottle, wet wipes, creams.  I always carry a scarf as it is a perfect travel companion. It keeps me warm on the plane.
  1. E-books:Instead of carrying books which are bulky and contributes to weight, you can download an e-book and other reading material in your phone/tab for your trip. Also, download map of destination city, translation apps, travel guides etc.

Happy Travels!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

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