VLCC is India’s leading wellness brand and is a one stop destination for all beauty, skincare, hair care, laser services, Dermatological and weight loss services. But what intrigued me the most is VLCC Basti Ayurveda Service. I really loved the concept of holistic healing spa therapies at VLCC which believes in treating problems at the root through Ayurveda.

Ayurveda which means the ‘Science of Life’ in Sanskrit is a 5000 year-old medicine system with its routes in ancient Indian Vedic culture.

Ayurveda is considered as an Alternative Medicine system and is based on 5 elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether. These five eternal elements give rise to three ‘Doshas’ in a human body known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These Doshas are the forces that govern all functions in the body and mind. The particular ratio of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha within each one of us has a remarkable influence on our individual physical, mental, and emotional character traits.

Out of these three doshas, the Vata Dosha governs all movements in the mind and body. It controls all activities of nervous system, blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the mind.

Pitta and Kapha dosha are dependent on Vata. Hence the leader of all three is Vata. Vata dosha is the root cause for many diseases. Therefore, it’s important to keep Vata in good balance. Keeping Vata under control is a proactive measure to keep the diseases at bay.


Today I am going to talk about the VLCC Basti Ayurveda Service which helps in treating the Vata dosha. Basti service is for diseases with imbalanced Doshas having predominance of Vata or for diseases with Vata imbalance alone.

At VLCC, all Ayurvedic treatments are administered after identification of the dosha type of a person.

Below are the different types of VLCC Basti Ayurveda service.

These therapies are responsible for taking care of localized aches and pains depending on the area they are applied.

Lower Back Pain is quite a common problem these days. Almost all of us would have experienced it at some point of our life.Kati Basti therapy in Ayurveda is the best remedy lower back pain.  VLCC offers the traditional Kati Basti therapy. This Kati refers to ‘hip and lower back region’ in the body and basti means ‘to hold’. In this therapy, a person lays down on their stomach. Then specially prepared Prakriti specific oils is lavishly poured onto their lower back. The herbal paste boundary checks the flow of oils. This treatment has a relaxing effect on the lower back. It helps to relieve pain and stiffness in the lower back and limbs. Also treats spinal disorders. It also enhances blood supply to the low back area and strengthens it.

Griva Basti


Many people suffer from neck pain these days. Though reason could be wrong postures while standing and sleeping. It could also be because of sitting in front of TV or computers for long hours. The Griva Basti therapy at VLCC offers the best remedies for neck pain. Griva refers to the ‘neck’ and basti means ‘to hold’. This is a treatment which gives a magical relief from the neck pain and stiffness. In Griva Basti therapy, experts at VLCC pour medicated oils on your neck area. They pool the oil in a herbal paste boundary over the neck or nape of the neck for a fixed duration of time. For more effective results, VLCC Combines Griva Basti therapy with effective treatments like Nasya, Abhyanga etc. This helps in providing a significant relief in painful neck related issues.

Janu Basti

People suffering from Knee pain often have stiffness, swelling, burning sensation, click sounds and limitation of movements. VLCC offers Janu Basti therapy which is the the best Ayurvedic treatment for pain in the knee. Janu means ‘knee joint’ and basti means ‘to hold’. In Janu Basti therapy, experts at VLCC pour specially prepared medicated oils on the knee area. They pool the oil in a herbal paste boundary around the knee joints for a fixed duration of time. Janu Basti treatment at VLCC offers relief from pain of knee joints . Also, it treats osteoarthritis of the knee joint. This treatment helps in reducing stiffness and inflammation on and around the knees. This helps in reducing knee pain. It also strengthens the knee joints by improving blood circulation.

Manibandh Basti

This is one of the best Ayurvedic treatment for pain in the wrist. VLCC offers Manibandh Basti treatment for people who have pain in the wrist. Manibandh means ‘wrist’ and basti means ‘to hold’. The treatment reduces the stiffness and pain in the wrist.

Netra Basti


This therapy is for people suffering from computer vision syndrome and diabetes related eye problems. Besides, it also helps strained and overtired eyes. The Netra Basti therapy at VLCC provides soothing effect on the eyes and surrounding tissues.

Overall, VLCC Basti Ayurveda Service is a wholesome treatment. This is most effective treatment for Vata disorders. Firstly, it provides substantial relief from pain. Though many enemas over a prescribed period are usually required.

VLCC Basti Ayurveda Service also helps in keeping the Vata Dosha under control. It also provides vigour, vitality and strength to the body. Though, this Ayurvedic therapy gives an immediate surge of energy and invigorate the mind.

Immerse yourself in the VLCC Ayurvedic Basti service for relaxation of your mind, body, and soul.

Apart from the Basti Service, VLCC offers many other Ayurvedic cleansing and detoxification treatments. These helps revitalize and rejuvenate the mind and body from the stress and strain of everyday life.

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